Top 5 Space-Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Small apartment living can be cozy and comfy, but it still comes with its challenges. While you might enjoy

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Why ChatGPT’s ‘Memory’ Will Be A Healthcare Gamechanger

Memory-powered AI holds the potential for making healthcare more personalized, patient-centric and ... affordable.getty OpenAI, the artificial intelligence startup based

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STAT+: Q&A: Amid AI frenzy in medicine, a federal regulator’s quest to create safeguards

Micky Tripathi is equal parts excited — and deeply concerned — about the technological change sweeping through medicine. As adoption

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Two or more hours of daily screen time tied to lower well-being in preschoolers

Among U.S. preschoolers, two hours or more of daily screen time are associated with lower psychological well-being, according to a

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A Comprehensive Guide To Holistic Vitality

In our relentless pursuit of energy, the lure of quick fixes is hard to resist. Yet real, sustainable energy

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Nearly 20,000 Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Missed In England Because Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Delays in diagnosing prostate cancer can significantly affect odds of survival and treatment ... options. (Photo: Getty)getty The Covid-19 pandemic

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Medicare coverage of Wegovy, once blocked, now looks possible

WASHINGTON — Novo Nordisk’s newly won permission to market the heart benefits of its obesity drug Wegovy could provide a backdoor

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An apple cider vinegar drink a day? New study shows it might help weight loss

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Made from fermented apples and naturally high in acetic acid, apple cider vinegar has been popular

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These 9 Life Lessons Will Prepare Your Teen For The Real World

The teenage years are among the most challenging times for any parent. Nevertheless, this transitionary period presents a unique

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