A new understanding of how your blood type influences your health

Researchers have recently discovered our 45th blood typePhotoAlto/Alamy IN 2023, a paper was published in the journal Blood that ended

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AI Program Finds Thousands of Possible Psychedelics. Will They Lead to New Drugs?

Researchers have used the protein-structure-prediction tool AlphaFold to identify hundreds of thousands of potential new psychedelic molecules — which could help

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Bird Flu Has Made a Terrifying Leap That’s Devastated Argentina’s Seal Populations : ScienceAlert

Almost 96 percent of Southern elephant seal pups across Argentina born in 2023 have met a tragic end as a

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Stunning slo-mo videos show how insects survive raindrop collisions

  Water striders are tiny insects that have a surprising ability to survive impacts with raindrops dozens of times heavier

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Can AI Predict Your Death?

Lauren Leffer: Prediction is powerful. For as long as people have been thinking about the future, we’ve been trying to

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The World’s First Malaria Vaccine Program for Children Starts Now

Malaria expert Brian Greenwood had once resigned himself to the possibility that a successful vaccine for the disease might not

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A Massive Tsunami Could Have Wiped Out Populations in Stone Age Britain : ScienceAlert

About 8,200 years ago, an underwater landslide known as the Storegga slide near Norway triggered a tsunami that engulfed parts

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Jim Peebles interview: A legendary cosmologist on how to find a deeper theory of the universe

JIM PEEBLES is widely known as the architect of modern cosmology – and its nice-guy-in-chief. Awarding his half-share of the

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Parking Lots Cause More Heat and Flooding–Here’s How 100 U.S. Cities Rank

CLIMATEWIRE | Sunbelt cities prone to extreme heat and precipitation have more parking lots in their central cores than other urban

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