Robots Made from Human Cells Can Move on Their Own and Heal Wounds

In 2020 biologist Michael Levin and his colleagues reported that they had made “biological robots” by shaping clusters of cells

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An Invisible ‘Demon’ Lurks in an Odd Superconductor

A few years ago, the researchers decided to put a superconducting metal called strontium ruthenate in their crosshairs. Its structure

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Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat Could Be Spreading a Dangerous Strain of Bacteria : ScienceAlert

A study of 600 healthy pet dogs has found a strong link between the canines being fed raw meat, and

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World must prepare for frequent and severe droughts, report warns

A severe drought this year affected the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon, in BrazilAndre Coelho/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock The increasing frequency

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Inside the Satellite Tech Revealing Gaza’s Destruction

On October 7 Hamas staged a coordinated attack on Israel in which it killed about 1,200 people and captured more

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Ozempic Could Also Help You Drink Less Alcohol

Another reason for the trial’s failure could be that exenatide is much less potent than its newer cousin semaglutide, better

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Do You Have Mouth Cancer Symptoms? An Expert Explains How to Check : ScienceAlert

Regular dental checkups and oral hygiene visits are important for identifying the early stage of mouth cancer.However, the shortage of

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Why does weed give you the ‘munchies’? Here’s what the science says

Many people feel hungry after consuming cannabisSolStock/Getty Images If you have ever lit up a joint and craved a snack

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Primordial Helium May Be Leaking from Earth’s Core

A new analysis of ancient lava flows in the Canadian Arctic suggests helium trapped in Earth’s core could be slowly

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