Jen Psaki Shows Why Trump’s Threats Against MSNBC Are Threats To Democracy

Those who want to dismiss Trump’s threats to MSNBC and other media are ignoring the former President’s threats to democracy.

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MSNBC Cancels The Medhi Hasan Show

MSNBC has canceled host Medhi Hasan’s streaming and cable network shows and will instead move him to an on-air analyst

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A House Republican Is Threatening Jack Smith

Rep. Clay Higgins warned Special Counsel Jack Smith that “his days are numbered.” Rep. Higgins said on Newsmax, “So let

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Obamacare is even more popular than the last time Trump tried to kill it

Republican voters are far less interested than Democrats in hearing the candidates talk about the health care law, according to

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Trump Tells His Supporters To Go To Cities And Intimidate Non-White Voters

While speaking in Iowa, Donald Trump urged his supporters to go to cities like Detroit and Philadelphia and intimidate non-white

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Dems launch pro-Biden super PAC in New Hampshire, give Dean Phillips the cold shoulder

Off to the side, Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.), was asked about Phillips presence there. “I can’t imagine that there’s anybody

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Court Trashes Immunity Claim And Rules Trump Can Be Sued For Inciting 1/6 Violence

An appeals court ruled that the civil suits against Donald Trump for inciting the attack on the Capitol can move

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Democrats Are Livid After Georgia Republicans Propose New Black Majority District Con

Georgia Republicans were court ordered to create a new black majority House district. They responded by trying to carve a

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The Republican Running To Replace George Santos Just Crashed And Burned On CNN

Kellen Curry, the Republican running to replace George Santos in the House, had a disaster of an interview with CNN’s

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